Problems like a temperature fluctuations or uneven humidity can cause significant damage to inspected products, whether in a fixed location or on the road.

Most refrigerated products must be kept within specified temperature limits, as there is a risk that products in the wrong range will spoil and become unsalable.

That is why it is important that the cooling chain can be monitored in real time, the disadvantage of manual management of the cooling log is that it is not accurate to the minute, so it is risky, since it cannot ensure continuous presence and control. e-track’s online temperature monitoring service automatically monitors kitchen refrigerators, medicine containers, refrigerated warehouses, and transport equipment and notifies you of danger before damage came about.

We receive immediate notification of a possible problem thanks to real-time sensors. If there is a deviation outside the specified range, we notify the competent authority about the danger. A real-time overview of the condition of temperature-sensitive goods allows you to identify and eliminate the problem before damage came about.

Real-time data provides the information to make informed and data-driven decisions in the supply chain. With the received location and status data, the supply chain can be optimized with quantitative data. The cooled environment can be modified if fluctuations occur more often in one location based on the old and received data. As critical data emerges from monitoring, many data-driven optimization methods become available.

Whether it is a low-value or a high-value product, it is essential that conditions are continuously visible in the supply chain.

With our refrigerator monitoring service, you no longer have to keep a refrigerator diary, we can monitor the entire refrigeration chain from production to the kitchen to the end user. If the temperature differs from the preset value, we will notify you as you would like.

For more information: www.hutofigyelo.hu

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